Multi-storey residential buildings

Nowadays the current extensive energy, safety and quality norms, as well as the cost optimalization create serious challenge for investors and general contractors in the process of multi-storey residential dwelling.

Our company aims at addressing the needs of future residents already during the design phase. This continues through the entire construction process, including the post-guarantee service.

Industrial construction

Construction of warehouses, shop floors and server rooms can be a huge challenge in terms of technical knowledge, logistics, social buildings or machine park. These are the areas of work that our company specializes in, which we have proved working on our projects.

Single – family housing

Single family housing is a part of our offer directed especially to those investors who are the owners of a land property or would like to buy one in cooperation with us, with a plan of constructing a whole single-family housing complex and then selling it to individual clients.

However, we have no constraints and we are also happy to build houses for individual clients.

We have true passion for unconventional architecture and it is what we like to construct the most.

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